Genetics Project

This is it Zocers; the genetics project is here! Your chance to get ahead of the competition and stand out!

STEP 1: The first thing you’re going to have to do is sign up by clicking here then create your groups of 3-5 members. You can click here to visit a forum to help you do just that. You can create a topic letting everyone know that you’re looking for a group or that your group is looking for additional members. Alternatively, you can scroll through the topics to find people looking for groups then try talking to them. This is a great way to meet new people for your teams!

STEP 2: Once you’ve decided on the members for your team you need to set up a HotZoc group for your team. In order to do that click here and follow the instructions. This is the perfect way for you to stay in touch with your fellow team members.

STEP 3: Now you’ll have to make your blog by clicking here. This will give you a place to record the process of designing your GMO.

STEP 4: Next you’re going to have to register for the project here. Every member of your team will have to register separately.

STEP 5: The next step is designing your GMO. We’ve put together a simple step by step guide which teaches you about the genetic parts at your disposal and helps you to put them together in the gene designer software to create design your team’s organism. Click here to download the gene designer and see which genetic parts you can use.

STEP 6: Finally, you’ll work as a team to write your paper. The paper will consist of the work you’ve done towards making your GMO and, most importantly, your teams ideas and suggestions for how your GMO could be used in a med/ vet med context. Once your team has finished their paper you can send it to us for marking and we’ll make sure to let the medical schools know how you’ve done. You can find the template for your paper here.

What are you waiting for? Start the genetics project now and leave your competition in the dust!