Just watch as the Zocers take over the world

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Welcome Zocers! We mean what we say when we promise that you will take over the world. At the moment you are in our beta site, that means most of the zones are hidden, but when we reveal them you will find amazing possibilities all geared to help you become a doctor.

HotZoc is not about working hard it is about working smart. One of the ways we intend to help you is supply you with the latest technology that fits in your computer through to your phone, giving you a huge advantage. Our Medical Schools Zone is just one example where we allow you to search every medical school in the UK across thousands of combinations in under a second, it will save you hours – heck days!

No running around scores of web-site, or trawling through out-of-date and inaccurate forums, your time is too valuable and you are too important. And it will be FREE FREE FREE!

A special theme of HotZoc is the role of points, badges and quests.

Points are given for doing stuff. Badges are awarded with points for milestones, e.g. become a Durham Medical school Expert by taking the Durham quiz. It gets better, we will be linking the points and badges together to form quest that you can do to move your forward. Medical school is a game and HotZocers play to win!

Enjoy HotZoc beta because it is only going to get better.

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