Kaplan A Personal Experience

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Preparing for university is a scary and difficult time, if you’re applying to study in America than it may seem even more daunting. Part of applying to study in America is taking the SAT tests. Before you take the SAT tests it’s important that you understand how they work and make sure any concerns or questions you may have are addressed. The problem is though because we don’t have the SATs in the UK you don’t always know which questions to ask, and any questions you do have you need someone to answer them. This where Kaplan prep courses change everything.

I went to the in person course offered by Kaplan, the one I went to was the intensive option that they run during holidays, the same course is also offered over several weekends. The course was run in the main Kaplan centre in London, near Leicester Square. We had a tutor who had been through the process of applying to university in America and so was able to advise us from the perspective of someone who had been through what we were going through.

The class sizes are small with no more than 10 in the classroom when I attended which allowed us to receive more attention, meaning we could spend some of the time focusing on what we were struggling with. Another good thing about being in a classroom is having contact with other students who are going through the same process as you.

The course is made up of 10 classes each between 3 to 4 and half hours long. During these classes there will be practice tests, answer techniques, learning how the points system works and developing a better understanding of how the SATs work and how to get the best possible score.

For me though the most valuable thing that I gained from the course was confidence. I know that the thought of taking the SATs was filling me with dread. Thanks to the Kaplan SAT prep course I now have the confidence to know I can do it.

If you’re planning on applying to university in America don’t let your SAT score be what stops you from getting to your dream school. Taking a Kaplan SAT prep course will mean you are going into that test with the knowledge of what you are doing and hugely improving your chances of getting a high score. I leant so much, gained in confidence and made new friends. It really did work for me.

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