Open days (and the stress they may bring!)

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Hi everyone,

I recently won the competition to be a firestarter and I thought I would start with something relevant to all of us. Many of us are at the state where we are being asked ‘Where do you want to go to university’ by peers, teachers and of course PARENTS. I don’t know about the rest of you but ‘anywhere that will take me’ just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. Of course, it is important to consider the type of course, campus of city life and many other things mentioned in Medlink, however, I think you learn the most about universities on campus tours and open days. I found that finding out when these open days are, and how to apply is time consuming to say the least. And really boring! Therefore I have put together a list of all the open days of some of the universities I am interested in as well as those that are popular for medicine (sorry if I missed any, do comment them below!)

Birmingham: 24th+25th of June. Online booking opens soon.
Bristol: 17th of June. You can book this as well as individual campus tours online.
Cambridge: 30th of June, 1st of July. Online booking opens in April 2016.
Cardiff:Late june?!? Sorry, thats all I got.
Exeter: 3rd and 4th of June. You can complete a pre-registration form online now.

Imperial: 22nd+23rd of June, 17th of September. Online booking opens in April 2016.

Glasgow: 16th of June. Not sure how you book…
Keele: 18th of June, 21st of August. Book online soon!!
Kings: 11th of June, 9th of July
Leeds: 18th+23rd+24th of june. Book online in march.
Manchester: 17th+18th of June. Book online soon!
Newcastle: 1st+2nd of July. Online bookings open soon
Oxford: 29th+30th of June, 16th of September. I am pretty sure you don’t need to book this.
Queen Mary’s: 24th+25th of June. I think booking is online… (Sorry 😜) they also have many events which can be found here: (
UCL: 16th+17th of June, 10th of September. You can book online in the spring.
Good luck guys, this looks crazy
Also, I recommend the website: to help you on your travels!
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  1. Thanks for doing this Jessie. Not sure how I have only just seen it. You are right – this is crazy. How can we possibly do all of these, planning, booking etc let alone actual visit them! Of course you cannot replace seeing something in the flesh, but it would be great to have some kind of event or one place (maybe even virtual) with them all together at the same time. Not being lazy – would just save so much hassle for everyone. What does anyone else think?

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