Want to study medicine? Don’t get caught without the information you need

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Not sure which medical schools to apply to? It’s not easy; there are so many to choose from with different locations, course structures and entry requirements. Fortunately, you’re not alone; HotZoc is here to help!

“How can HotZoc help?” I hear you ask. Simply click on “medical school zone” in the menu above to get started, although, you might want to wait until you’ve finished reading first. You’ll be immediately taken to our medical school database where you can search for the medical schools which best suit you. Click on the Match Me button and you’ll find yourself on this screen.

database dropdowns

Now all you have to do is use our dropdown menus to select the qualities that matter to you in a medical school. For example, you might want a UK medical school which accepts the UKCAT, has a problem based learning style and uses traditional interviews for their applicants; once you’ve input your options, click on search to find every medical school that matches.

database medical schools

It looks like there are four medical schools which match your search, but that’s not where our help ends; you can click on the medical schools to see their full profile to help you to narrow down your choice even further. Each medical school profile consists of a brief summary about the medical school and the course as well as the data about the school links to the course’s website.

database uea profile

Once you’ve got all the information you need about a medical school grab the medical school’s activity code so you can earn a badge and points to compete with your fellow Zocers! Simply highlight the activity code found in the school data and copy and paste it into the activity rewards code bar found in the front page.

So, you’ve learned about the medical schools that suit you and you’ve earned your points and badges, but why stop there? You can take the medical school quizzes to prove to everyone just how much you know about the medical schools by earning even more points and badges to show off. Alternatively, you can visit our forums and talk to other Zocers interested in the same universities as you and make some new friends.

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