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Hi all,

Some of you know that I am running my own zika initiative but the truth is, the more the merrier. So far we are still deciding on a charity but our two front runners are Unicef and MAPS. I think we are leaning towards MAPS as they are small enough to help us through it but old and big enough to have experience and a good reputation.

they have said that $15,000 can buy and ship $2million of medical supplies to send to affected areas (they have an AMAZING relationship wit pharmaceutical companies) and $20,000 can buy 5,000 high quality, large bottles of Mosquito repellent. Just for reference $15,000 is £10,500.

We have a group called the zika initiative and EVERYONE is welcome to join whether they want to raise £50 or £1,000.

Even if you are just interested please contact me or join the group

Everyone who joins makes a difference!!!

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